Fantasy Football Trophies - Annual Updates FAQ

I ordered a trophy from you, how do I get a new detail plate?

  • You can order a whole new detail plate, sent right out to your winner HERE  You can find the couch potato method at the top of any of our Fantasy Football category pages.

Do you have a record of my order?

  • We used to be able to keep records of every single order, but the time involved with retreiving this information for a single detail plate became unwieldy.  PLEASE keep a record of this in your files so that you can order the detail plate the same exact way you did when you placed the order.  That means if you ordered using ALL CAPS last time, and you order in Upper and Lowercase this time, the plates will not match.

Can I order different size fonts on a detail plate?

  • We do not offer different font sizes in a detail plate. 

How many characters fit on a detail plate?  How many lines?

  • You can fit 3 lines of text with 20 characters MAX

How do I know if my plates are satin or mirror finish?

  • Unengraved detail plates are sent out mounted on your trophy with a clear protective film that can appear a little dull.  In order to be sure what style plate you have, you need to look at an engraved one, or make sure you have removed the film.

 It is hard to mistake a mirror plate for satin, a mirror plate is absolutely reflective like, well, a mirror.  You can clearly see your face in it.  The satin plate is more of a brushed finish.  Although shiny, you cannot see your reflection in a satin plate.

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