Fantasy Football Trophies - Custom Logo Title Plates FAQ

Custom Logo Title Plates for Fantasy Football Trophies

I want a custom logo plate, what should I do?

  • The first thing to do is to email us your logo so we can check it out and make sure that we understand what you want to do.  Once we have discussed the artwork with you, we will indicate which custom title plate option you can select, and then you can move forward with placing your order online.

Where can I see examples of plates?

Here's my logo, will it work?

  • For professional submission of artwork, we are looking for black and white "camera ready" artwork of 300dpi or greater in CorelDraw or Illustrator with all text converted to curves.  If you are sending your art in one of these formats, please also include an easy to view jpeg or pdf for reference.

If you are unable to send the art in this format, you can use jpeg or tif files, these should be 300px or larger.  If you don't have that, send along what you do have, let us take a look and we will determine the best course of action.  The main idea is that you can zoom into a logo to make it quite large on the page with no loss of clarity or distortion.  Logos that become jagged or "pixilated" because they are low resolution are not acceptable, and will need correction.

What are the different levels of art services?

  • In order to be eligible for the $10 option, we are looking for a complete, ready to print file, an example of which can be seen HERE.

If you have a logo that is acceptable, but you need to add text, this would be the $35 option.  This would also apply to using an standard FFL logo with your initials.  Digitial proof provided.

If your logo is not acceptable and needs to be corrected for lasering, this results in an art charge, and would be the $50 option. A digitial proof would be provided for you to review prior to engraving.

We also have the ability to create full color title plates for your league.  This is an exciting new option available for $60.  We provide logo correction and a digital proof prior for you to review prior to making the plate.

Sometimes, a logo or concept is not fully realized and needs to be completely created from scratch, or the logo is so complicated it requires extensive time in our graphics department.  In this case, additional fees based on time may apply, this would be discussed and quoted before any work began.

How long does a custom title plate take to make?

  • Custom title plates do require more time to make.  During the busy season, this can add 1 to 2 weeks to your order while our graphic arts team works on your logo, and we go through the proofing process.

Why won't our website logo work?

  • Website graphics are rarely a good choice for imprinting art because they are very small, low resolution images designed to load quickly on your page.  While your logo might look great on your website, once you try to zoom in, the edges become jagged and blurry.  This will not work for impriting. 

Here, I fixed my logo in MS Paint, will it work now?

  • Many times when we inform customers that their logo is unsuitable, they input it into a standard desktop program and try to change it themselves, resulting in an unprofessional look, with crooked text and blurry graphics.  If you have tried to correct your graphics and we are still saying it is unsuitable for the same reason, please do not continue to resubmit this to us over and over again.  Word documents are also not suitable for logo submission.

Can I copy a plate from your gallery and switch names?

  • Examples shown in our gallery are real trophies, and do not represent available "templates."  We can create a similar style layout for you but the art fees would apply.  Many of our customers created their own logos, and we will not use their custom graphics on your title plate.

Can you photograph my trophy and email it to me prior to sending?

  • We document many of our custom trophies to illustrate to potential customers our capabilities, however, photography is not part of our approval process.
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