Fantasy Football Trophies - Detail Plates FAQ

What is the difference between a perpetual and a keeper trophy?

  • A perpetual trophy is designed to be used year after year, and often has small plates on the base to honor past and future winners.  The title plate is generally a permanent feature of a perpetual trophy, it does not change, updates are made to the small detail plates.   A keeper trophy is intended to be awarded annually to one winner, which they then "keep."  In many leagues, the perpetual trophy travels from winner to winner, rejoining the group at the beginning or end of the season to be awarded to that year's receipient, along with any "keeper" or loser trophies.

How do I know how many detail plates a trophy has?

  • The description of the trophy indicates how many detail plates ( if any) are included with the trophy.  Some trophies include nine, some include 6, and some none at all.  Regardless more plates can be ordered for any trophy that accepts detail plates.

How do I order more detail plates?

  • At the bottom of the product page, after the description are the various options for upgrading and customizing your trophy.  There is a drop down box which allows you to select the number of additional detail plates you want to order.

What is a list style plate?

  • A list style plate is a large plate that fits the entire side of a trophy.  This allows the league to engrave their information in a straight line, or just with a year and a name/team to fit more names on one plate.  While list plates are often more expensive to update, they can be a great solution for a league that has a very long history and needs to consolidate their past winners.

Can a trophy have a list style plate AND detail plates?

  • Yes.  This can be a great solution for leagues with a long history.  If a league for example has 12 past winners, we can engrave 10 past winners on a list plate, and 2 on a small detail plate, leaving 10 available slots for future winners.

I want to have 18 detail plates, but I can only order 12 more.  Why?

  • Check your description.  Your trophy already includes 6 plates, so 12 more is the maximum you can order.
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